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When faced with a medical emergency like a heart attack, our first instinct is to call for an ambulance. But what if we require an ambulance for a non-emergency situation? Fret not, with Speedoc, you can book a non-emergency ambulance anytime, anywhere.

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What Is A Non-Emergency Ambulance?

A non-emergency ambulance is as its name suggests; an ambulance for non-emergency situations, such as diarrhoea, coughs, headaches, or medical appointments.

If you or your loved one(s) require any assistance to get to and from any medical appointments or if you are not feeling well enough to make your own way to a medical facility safely, a non-emergency ambulance may be a viable option for you.

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How Do Non-Emergency Ambulances Work In Malaysia?

Ambulances under the non-emergency tab are known as private ambulances and there are quite a number of them around.

At Speedoc, we work with partners that supply private ambulances which are registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH); these ambulances are manned by an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified driver and a paramedic, it also comes equipped and well-stocked with lifesaving equipment and other necessary supplies.


Our Ambulance Partners

With access to more than 100 healthcare institutions across Malaysia such as hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals, you can rest assured that help is within quick reach.

What Can I Expect When Using A Non-Emergency Ambulance In Malaysia

Should you or your loved one(s) require the use of a non-emergency ambulance, here are several things you can expect:

  • Specialised care companion: on top of the EMT registered driver and paramedic, you can also request for a specialised care companion to accompany you on your medical appointments.
  • Select the hospital or caregiving facility you want to go to: emergency ambulances are required to take you to the nearest public hospital if you require emergency treatment, but with private ambulances on a non-emergency assignment, they can take you to any hospital of your choice.
  • Non-emergency transportation: every second counts in an emergency, so you are doing your part to help free up ambulances that are required for patients who are experiencing life-threatening medical conditions.
  • Specialised medical equipment: if you or your loved one(s) are reliant on a wheelchair, bed bound, or have difficulty getting around, a non-emergency ambulance can provide that extra comfort and assurance during transportation.

Why Should I Book A Non-Emergency Ambulance With Speedoc?

Here at Speedoc, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our patients with discretion, privacy, ease of use, and timeliness.

100+ Healthcare institution

Pick up and drop off at over 100+ healthcare institution of your choice.

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Easily book an ambulance just like you would call a private-hire car.

Speedoc Ambulance

Get picked up by our ambulance in approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

“We booked Speedoc home service and the doctor came over for the check up. Very gentle and knowledgeable doctor. Our meds got delivered few hours later. Highly recommend!”

Ms Trevisany,

What Are The Costs Of A Non-Emergency Ambulance In Malaysia?

Non-emergency ambulance in Malaysia starts from RM350, depending on location, distance and use of any additional medical services and equipment.


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If you are a qualified doctor or nurse, part of a certified ambulance company, or a healthcare provider looking for a partner to help deliver quality medical services, we welcome you to join our growing family of Speedoc providers.