Protect Yourself Against HPV-related Diseases

By the team at Speedoc,
January 19, 2022

Did you know for most people, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) usually clears on its own. However, for those who don’t clear the virus, HPV can lead to certain cancers and diseases. Opting for a Gardasil 9 vaccination can help protect your loved ones and yourself against these conditions.

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What is HPV and how can Gardasil 9 help me?

HPV is a viral infection that is primarily passed between people who have sexual contact, and it can affect your genitals, mouth, or throat. Typically, sexually active women and men will be infected at some point in their lives.

Many assume that once a person is infected with one type of HPV, he/she will not be infected with another type, that is untrue. The good news is that even if you have been infected with one type of HPV, it isn’t too late, Gardasil 9 can help protect you from certain cancers caused by the other types of the HPV virus.

Gardasil 9 helps protect individuals between 9 and 45 years of age against the following diseases caused by 9 types of HPV:

  • Cervical cancer^,

  • Vaginal cancer^,

  • Vulvar cancer^,

  • Anal cancer^,

  • Certain head and neck cancers^ (eg. throat and back of mouth cancers)

  • Genital warts*

^ denotes HPV Types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58
* denotes Genital warts HPV Types 6 and 11

What to expect?

Gardasil 9 typically comprises a 3-dose schedule. For persons who are 15 through 45 years of age, they can expect to take their second dose 2 months after the first dose, and the third dose 7 months after the second dose.

What are the common side effects?

Before opting for the HPV vaccination, you should consult a doctor who will assess your medical history and well-being. Once your doctor has assured you, you may expect these side effects after the vaccination:

  • Bruising/Swelling

  • Bleeding

  • Redness

  • Itching

  • Headache

  • Fever

  • Nausea

  • Dizziness

  • Tiredness

  • Diarrhea

  • Abdominal pain

  • Sore throat

  • Fainting can happen after getting GARDASIL 9

How do I know if I’m suffering from HPV?

Very often, people suffering from it never know they have the infection until it’s already caused serious health problems. This is because they have not developed symptoms or experienced any health problems from it yet. At times, people find out that they have HPV when they see genital warts only.

As such, regular checkups are important as testing is the only way to find out if you’re at risk for cancer from HPV. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, HPV tests should be done at least once every 5 years. If you are unsure, you may arrange for a house call doctor to visit you within the privacy of your home before opting for the vaccination.

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