Dealing with Burns and Scalds

By the team at Speedoc,
January 27, 2021

When is an emergency a full-blown medical emergency? Or when is it a case where you can safely treat at home with help from healthcare services outside the hospital?

This is a question that many of us ponder over, when diseases with slow onset, such as fever and headaches set in. However, in the immediacy of burns and scalds, many of us are placed in panic mode, unsure of what to do.

At Speedoc, we will help to guide you through these moments. Below, we will recommend the appropriate and optimal measures to deal with the incurred burns and scalds.

Upon sustaining burns and scalding injuries due to contact with hot objects or steam, these injuries have different degrees of severity. Minor burns can be treated at home, while severe burns require medical attention at the emergency departments to prevent scarring and allow for complete cure.

If your burns are mild and on a small area,

  • Pour cool water over the injured area for at least 10 minutes

  • Do not use iced water, ice or greasy substances like butter

  • Loosely cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage or cling wrap (if there are blisters, do not burst them)

  • Take over the counter pain relievers to treat the pain

In the event that

  • Your burns are infected, leading to a fever, redness or formation of pus

  • Blistering is causing significant discomfort or pain, appearing large and tense,

Visit your GP for treatment to be administered. This will help lessen your discomfort.

However, if the burns

  • Occur in the mouth, throat, eyes, ears, genitalia or over the joint surfaces

  • Are caused by chemicals, electricity or lightning or

  • Are of third-degree and your skin is pale, leathery, or charred,

Visit the emergency department and obtain immediate medical attention.

24/7 wound care services at home

At Speedoc, we provide GP services around the clock who can check and treat mild conditions. In the event that your condition is severe, we provide fast-tracked referrals to the A&E. Download our app to learn more about our services to treat burns and scalds.