COVID-19 Cases

13 Jun 2024

Fast On-Site COVID-19 Swab Tests in Malaysia

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia spirals out of control, there is now an urgent need to quickly take action to curb its spread. If you plan to travel, pre-flight COVID-19 swab tests in Malaysia before boarding your flight is now compulsory. You can now get your Premium COVID-19 swab tests done anywhere in Malaysia and get your results within 6 to 10 hours.

Proof of negative COVID-19 swab tests and documentation as proof of recovery from the disease will be needed before boarding your flight.

For our Premium COVID-19 Swab Tests done on-site, please get in touch with us by calling +6011 4166 1178, email us at, or complete the form below.

Common Questions about COVID-19

Is it COVID-19 or just a Common Flu/Cough/Runng Nose?

Speedoc can conduct rapid influenza tests to check for influenza A & B that helps to rule out a possible COVID-19 infection. Based on MOH guidelines, medical certificates will be provided for patients with respiratory symptoms to stay home to recover according to the country's latest SOPs. Those who do not recover within the required number of days will be referred for further medical assessment and tests. Wear a mask and share information about all your symptoms or travelling history prior to our visit.

Rule our COVID-19 and non-respiratory symptoms:

Speedoc’s team of multilingual qualified doctors and trained nurses can provide medical assistance for COVID-19 and other common illnesses, geriatric care, palliative care, nursing care, ambulance booking, medicine delivery, post-operation and/or step down care.

If you are fit and healthy for work/school but need an assessment for official purposes:

If your COVID-19 swab test results are negative, Speedoc provides you with the official lab results and after administering health assessments, provide medical certificates to certify that you are fit for work or school.

If you require a pre-event or pre-flight COVID-19 swab test:

We can administer a COVID-19 RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Test (ART) depending on which test is required for your flight or event. Simply give us a call at our hotline, +60 11 4166 1178, to make a booking or submit an enquiry.

What happens if my COVID-19 swab test is positive?

When you get your lab report from Speedoc and it is positive, our trained professionals will update you with the latest best practices according to MOH guidelines and SOPs. Do your best to monitor your COVID-19 symptoms, stay home to reduce the risk of exposure and spreading of the virus. You're doing your part to protect others, including your family and friends, from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Who should I tell about my COVID-19 swab test results?

If your COVID-19 swab test is positive, get in touch with the last person(s) you've been in contact with for the last few days to alert them about your COVID-19 positive result. They may have to conduct COVID-19 swab tests to ensure they've not contracted the Coronavirus from you.

What should I do to recover from COVID-19 symptoms?

If your COVID-19 symptoms are becoming serious, do not wait! Please see a doctor immediately. You can also call us at +6011 4166 1178 if you are worried about your deteriorating COVID-19 condition.

Helping contain the COVID-19 pandemic:

You will also need to practice good hygiene at all times, reduce contact with as many people as possible, and most importantly, remain contactable at all times.